Guerrero: humpback whale carcass found on Petatlán beaches

It is estimated that the cetacean measures about 12 meters and weighs more than 20 tons. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

The corpse of a whale hunchback went viral on social media after it was found on the shores of the municipality of Petatlan, Warrior.

The locals witnessed the stranding of the cetacean in Petatlan, Warrior, for which they decided to record the event and upload it to social networks, where hundreds of Internet users were surprised by the magnitude of said animal.

We found a beached whale; unfortunately he already died. Here we have the animal, which is a specimen of about 20 tons, measuring about 20 meters.”, You can hear the story of the person who recorded the events and uploaded the video to social networks.

According to the testimony, it is unknown what were the causes of the death of the whale hunchback that was stranded on the beaches of Petatlan, Warrior.

  • In the shared images you can see that the specimen, black and beige, no longer moves.

Behind her tail you can see some witnesses and it is mentioned that it was no longer possible to help her return to the water, so she was only a few meters away, where the waves barely touched her.

In this regard, no federal or state authority Warrior has been pronounced, so it is not known what was done with the corpse of the whale hunchback from Petatlan, which according to the protocols, must be buried so that its decomposition process does not contaminate the water or cause bad odors in the area of ​​the discovery.

It was only in mid-October of this year when another specimen of these marine animals was found dead in the sand strip of Manzanillo, Colima.

On that occasion, the authorities mobilized to place the animal underground and clarified that after recovering the skeletal remains, it will be used for scientific research.

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