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You usually visit many pages per day while browsing with Google Chrome, the most widely used search engine in the world, however, do you remember when was the last time you entered a certain website? here we will teach you a trick to find out.

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It is important to note that this trick only works on mobile phones with Android operating system, also, it will not be necessary to depend on other platforms or download an application from Google Play, since Google Chrome It has a native tool that gives you this data in detail.

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This is a function called ‘Last visit’, an option that tells you how long you have entered through Google Chrome to a specific website. For this occasion we are going to use YouTube as an example, be careful not an application but a web page with a URL or link.

  • First, make sure Google Chrome have no pending updates on the Goolge Play Store.
  • Then, open the browser from your Android mobile and in the search bar type the following:
  • When the page loads, click on the lock icon in the upper left corner.
  • Finally, several options will be displayed, but one is ‘Last visit’, press it and you will get the exact date you left that page for the last time.
After touching the lock icon, these options will appear, click on 'Last visit' to see the exact date (Photo: Mag)
After touching the lock icon, these options will appear, click on ‘Last visit’ to see the exact date (Photo: Mag)

What to do if Google Chrome pages don’t load on PC

  • As always, the first step is to check if you have an internet connection. How else do the pages load? Entering other browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Opera.
  • It also tries to turn off the internet for 10 seconds and then turn it on.
  • Clear the cache and cookies. Enter the ‘Settings’ of the browser by clicking on the three dots in the upper right.
  • Then scroll down to ‘Privacy and security’. Here choose the option ‘Clear browsing data’.
  • Finally, in the ‘Basic’ section, click on ‘Clear data’.

After clearing the cache of Google Chrome The following will happen: some configuration settings of the sites will be eliminated, it means that the browser will not recommend pages, for this to happen again you would have to visit the website again. Also, the passwords that you have saved, such as those of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, etc., will be deleted automatically.

Do you have problems with Google Chrome? If the browser crashes, crashes or simply does not open a web page and you get the following messages: “Proxy error in Google Chrome” or “This web page is not available”, click here for solutions and recommendations to help solve this problem.

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