Girl was allegedly killed with machetes in Navolato, Sinaloa

Navolato Sinaloa.- On the night of this Tuesday, December 28, the death of a minor was reported after being allegedly attacked with machetes in an agricultural package located on the highway to Las Aguamitas, in Navolato, Sinaloa.

Unofficially, it is mentioned that the murderer was the father of the victim, who is supposedly four years old. So far his name has not been provided.

At this time, preventive agents are at the scene of the events, waiting for the personnel of the State Attorney General’s Office to begin with the investigation of the case.

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Data leaked to our team of reporters points to a horrible death, with injuries to both the head and the torso. It was said that the father of the minor has already been arrested and taken to Navolato to give his statement.

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