From a dowel to a house, the incredible story of Demi Skipper – El Financiero

It is increasingly difficult to buy one HouseHowever, the American Demi Skipper showed that anything is possible with a little perseverance, and she managed to get a House with the old method of bartering.

It all started a year ago when he was inspired by Canadian blogger Kyle MacDonald, who in 2006 managed to get a House exchanging objects. Skipper He began his adventure to test if it was possible to achieve this, so he decided to document it on his TikTok account.

The object with which he began his exchanges was a barrette that soon became margarita glasses, which at the same time became a vacuum cleaner, then a snowboard, some headphones, later a laptop and this, a camera .

From the third trick, Skipper began to realize that people were interested in his adventure, thus getting thousands of followers that by the end of the process would be just over 5 million.

Suddenly the objects he acquired had more and more value going from an iPhone to a 2008 Dodge Caravana truck, however, not everything was good in the process as there were some stumbles.

Skipper She was very disappointed when she did the trick of a Mini Cooper for a necklace that was supposedly worth $ 20,000, but it ended up being worth just $ 2,000.

In the process, there were a total of 28 exchanges, which began only taking place in San Francisco because of where he lives, but soon after they were carried out throughout the United States.

After 18 months Demi Skipper he did his job when he traded in a $ 40,000 worth of trailer for a House near the city of Nashville, Texas.

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