Florida registered more than 29 thousand new cases of COVID-19 in one day

COVID-19 recorded 29 thousand 59 new infections in Florida, which confirms the Upward trend detected in December as the omicron variant spreads, according to data released by the Control and Prevention Centers Disease (CDC).

From Thursday, December 23 only on Sunday, the day of the week on which they are usually counted less cases, the figure has been below 20 thousand new cases.

On December 25, the day of Christmas, more than 32 thousand infections were reached, an amount that for now is the record of the entire pandemic in this state.

From December 17 to 24, according to the account of the Florida Department of Health, which provides a weekly report every Friday, 125,120 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in the state, which means about 95,000 more than in the previous seven days.

Florida, with more than 21 million inhabitants, is the third state of the United States with the most accumulated COVID-19 cases since March 2020 (3.9 million), second only to California and Texas. As for the number of deaths, it is the fourth, with almost 63 thousand in the entire pandemic.

According to the interactive dashboard on COVID-19 of the Johns Hopkins University, If the incidence data of the last 28 days are analyzed, Florida is the sixth state in the United States with the most cases (214 thousand 667 in that period), behind New York (498 thousand 164) Illinois, Ohio, California and Pennsylvania .

At free COVID-19 testing centers at Florida For days the lines of cars are formed at dawn and vehicles do not stop arriving during the day.

In Miami-Dade, which throughout the pandemic has been the county of Florida where the disease has had the highest incidence, more than 150,000 home test packages were distributed this Monday through public libraries.

Street stalls for rapid tests and medical tests have also proliferated. Free PCR in the most touristy areas of Miami, such as the Brickell neighborhood, in whose center, where hotels and tourist apartments proliferate, Efe counted more than four in a radius of just four blocks.

“I know that together we will be able to defeat omicron as we did with delta through strong decisions based on data and simple measures to stop the spread,” the mayor of Miami-Dade, Daniella Levine Cava.

Increase in hospitalizations

Ómicron is already the variant that causes the most infections in U.S, as it accounts for more than 70 percent of new cases, according to data published this Monday by the CDC.

Omicron is apparently less deadly than delta, the previous predominant variant, but its rapid expansion has increased hospital admissions in Florida, according to data from the Department of Health and Human Services from the United States.

As of today there were 2,754 people hospitalized in Florida with COVID-19, 679 more than Monday.

The models on the projection of the omicron variant in this state, such as the one made by the University of Florida (UF), indicate that the peak of this new wave can be reached in February with about 40 thousand new infections daily.

The four possible scenarios analyzed by scientists from PHEW They agree that “the omicron variant will spread slowly in December, more rapidly in January and will reach its peak in February,” says a report from said university.

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