Exatlón México: They reveal the date on which the fifth season would end

Sports competition in Exatlon Mexico It is more demanding every day, Guardians and Pathfinders give everything on the slopes to reach the end and with the recent announcement of the All Stars season, there has already been a lot of speculation about the date when the fifth season will end.

In the last weeks some reinforcements have arrived to each team, but these could be the last to enter. ExatlonAccording to a channel specialized in spoilers, in real time the double eliminations have already begun, this to end this fifth season more quickly, since they want it to end before the new version of the competition begins.

According to this same channel we can see the final in about a month, which indicates that it could be afend of january the last episode of this season, which would give just enough time to recharge the athletes who will continue to Exatlón All Stars, which will begin broadcasting on February 1, 2021.

Apparently the time they cut from this season of Exatlon It will be precisely the time that the new season will last as it is expected that by March TV Azteca will air the new season of Survivor Mexico on the regular reality schedule, so All Stars would be the shortest version of the competition with only 2 months duration.

From minute 3 of the following video you can see the filtered data of the final of Exatlón Mexico.

What is Exatlón All Stars?

Over 5 seasons Exatlon Mexico has seen dozens of athletes pass, but only a few have been crowned as the winners of the competition, now Antonio Rosique has announced a new season where the best athletes will be brought together, the winners and finalists of all their seasons will be the ones who make up the new equipment.

So far we could only see the invitation that was made to Macky González finalist of the first season of Exatlon and Heber Gallegos finalist of the third season, both members of the current edition of the competition.

There will be 10 members of each of the teams that will be part of this elite edition, where the best will be those who will face each other in the Exatlón All Stars.

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