Emilio Osorio and Karol Sevilla, waiting for their first baby

Karol Sevilla Y Emilio Osorio They are so in love that despite being very young they have decided to take the next step: become parents.

The young Disney star would be reaching her third month of pregnancy, so she has not yet made anything public, but a close source confirmed it to this medium.

“They still believe in love for life, that’s why they are throwing the package so young. Also, Juan Osorio he is dying to be the grandfather of his youngest son, so he assured Emilio that working on his soap operas will not be lacking to support the child, besides that he will be the most pampering grandfather “.

The one who tried to make the couple think twice was Niurka, who told them, according to the same source, that things are not like an eternal dream.

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“He sat down to talk with both of them and told them that they had better enjoy life, travel and love without the eternal commitment of their children, and that later on, if they saw that they seriously wanted to be parents and stay together, they would do it. and she would support them, but the young couple has turned a deaf ear. ”

The couple have not yet thought about marriage, but they have thought about living together and doing more collaborations such as soap operas and music

Currently, Karol is 22 and Emilio 19, and this 2021 has been to show his love in social networks, but fatherhood has not yet come into their lives. Innocent little popcorn that you allow yourself to be fooled, because none of this is true.


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