Elections 2022. Morena would have registered Salomón Jara as the only candidate in Oaxaca 4 days before the polls

Oaxaca de Juárez.– At least four days before the results of the internal surveys conducted by Morena for the appointment of virtual candidates to the six state governorships in which there will be elections in 2022, the National Executive Committee (CEN) and the Elections Commission had already decided that in the case of Oaxaca the ideal profile was that of a licensed senator Solomon Jara Cruz, for which he was registered as the sole candidate.

On December 23, hours after announcing that the results of four polls favored him, Jara Cruz was appointed as “Coordinator of the Committees for the Defense of the Fourth Transformation in Oaxaca,” and a virtual candidate for governor, a decision that It was rejected by Senator Susana Harp Iturribarría, also a candidate, who announced that she would go to the party’s organs to present her disagreement.

According to an official document of the National Elections Commission of Morena, calling the Approved Registration Opinion for the Internal Process of Selection of Candidates in the local Electoral Process 2021-2022, dated December 18, from before making known who was chosen, his name was already ready.

The foregoing given that in said document it is ensured that that of Salomón Jara Cruz was the only approved registration, so it is “considered as the sole pre-candidacy of Morena in the ordinary local electoral process 2021-2022 for the governorship of the state of Oaxaca” .

The seven-page document has the autograph signature of the party’s national president, Mario Delgado Carrillo, and three members of the Elections Commission; however, it does not have the signature of Citlalli Hernández Mora, the general secretary.

According to the letter, the veracity of which was confirmed to EL UNIVERSAL by members of the party, the National Elections Commission has statutory powers to perform the qualification and assessment of a political profile and approve the one that is considered suitable to “enhance the political-electoral strategy of Morena ”.

For this, he argues, the political-electoral and social context of Oaxaca is analyzed, to apply for the profile that has a consolidated political link to strengthen the party and be the winner of the contest.

“This National Elections Commission qualifies the profile consigned in this opinion (that of Jara Cruz) as suitable to strengthen the political strategy of Morena in the state of Oaxaca, with a view to the 2021-2022 electoral process, so it is appropriate to approve his application for registration to run as a candidate, “says the document.

And he adds that “for the consideration of this Commission, the profile of Salomón Jara Cruz is the one that is adapted to the electoral political strategy of Morena for the election of June 5, 2022, since it is estimated that he has political work and consolidated social. His profile, once the electoral strategy of Morena has been analyzed, generates an expectation of electoral triumph, which is why, in the opinion of this Commission, he has proven his suitability to lead the movement ”.

All this despite the fact that on December 22, during the presentation of the results of the surveys of the six entities, Mario Delgado, national president of Morena, assured on several occasions that the definition of who would be the virtual candidates would be given according to gender parity and until the data from the six states were available, which he said were made known with “transparency and depth”, since adjustments would still have to be made in the sex of those elected.

Finally, the names of the virtual candidates in the six entities were made known until the early hours of December 23.

Regarding the appointment of Jara Cruz, Óscar Cantón Zetina, federal deputy and political delegate of the party in charge of leading the electoral strategy in Oaxaca, explained in a previous interview with this medium that due to the relevance of Oaxaca, and the popular vote with which it counts President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, it was decided from the beginning that the entity would not be considered to adjust the appointment under criteria of gender parity.

“For Morena, Oaxaca is an emblem and has a high electoral roll, which has to do with the national strategy for 2024, to arrive with the largest number of governorships. That is why they wanted to respect the will of Oaxacans regarding who won the poll, regardless of gender. It would be adjusted in other states, as it happened, not in Oaxaca, “he said.

According to Susana Harp, who presented an electoral sanction procedure before the National Commission of Honesty and Justice of Morena against the appointment of Jara Cruz, Mario Delgado, the national president, violated the principles of parity established for the election of the candidates who will participate. in governor’s elections, since women were appointed in entities where there is less competitiveness.

“I am going to challenge the criterion because that is not what the Constitution establishes. I am the second best evaluated woman of the six entities and the people of Oaxaca 52.55% prefer that the candidacy be for a woman, “he said.

EL UNIVERSAL sought Cantón Zetina’s position on the matter, but no response has been obtained.

Consulted by EL UNIVERSAL, the senator with license Salomón Jara Cruz explained that all the participants in the internal surveys met to have the methodology explained to them and signed by mutual agreement, but did not participate in the rest of the procedures.

He explained that as an applicant he had no interference in the signature of this document by the Party’s Elections Commission, since these procedures correspond exclusively to the National Executive Committee of Morena.

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