Eduardo Capetillo reveals if Biby Gaytán couldn’t bear his scenes with Thalía in “Marimar”

Eduardo Capetillo reveal if Biby Gaytan he couldn’t stand his scenes with Thalia in “Marimar”. Photo: Cuartoscuro.

More than 20 years ago, Thalia and Eduardo Capetillo they became one of the most popular leading couples on the small screen with the telenovela “Marimar”, one of the melodramas that enshrined the singer in the taste of the viewer, although not everyone, since it was said that the scenes between the actors they teased Biby Gaytan, now the actor’s wife. And several years away, it is his own Capetillo who reveals if the rumor is true.

In a talk with Thalia, which the interpreter of “Arrasando” shared on her YouTube channel, Eduardo Capetillo, who for months faced serious health problems, claimed that it was only a myth that Biby Gaytan send to turn off the monitor so as not to see the kisses between the actors. Although he did not miss the opportunity to joke about the situation.

“That is one of the great myths, without a doubt… We were recording and we were meeting door to door. They recorded ‘Two women, a path’ in a forum and in the one opposite they recorded ‘Marimar’ … That myth has its part of reality “.

Eduardo Capetillo

Before the joke of Capetillo, Thalia He replied with laughter that it was the other way around, that Capetillo He was jealous of the relationship.

“But it was the other way around, you ordered the monitor to turn off because you didn’t want to see ‘Poncharelo’ give those kisses to your Biby”.


However, after the joke, Tommy Mottola’s wife stressed that Eduardo Capetillo He is a self-confident person, so the versions that suggest that he is a jealous man are lazy.

“I know you, you have always been a sure man of yourself, all your life. A love, fun, pulling and suddenly that you are jealous, but what laziness “.


Words that he thanked Capetillo and clarified who made the decision to put the career of Gaytan.

“If I was that jealous that they say I am, imagine now that Biby did ‘Chicago’. The facts, it seems to me, are more powerful and forceful. What happens is that Eduardo, my son, came by surprise and then Biby and I decided to get married … She, at the time, said ‘let’s see right now I’m going to put a pause in my career, I’m going to receive my first child and train a family’. Admirable, incredible and once again, what fortune to have found a person who had the same life project “.

Eduardo Capetillo

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