Dulce María talks about Memo Ochoa and uncovers a five-year romance with famous actor

Dulce María talks about Memo Ochoa and uncovers a five-year romance with famous actor

The singer revealed that she still keeps the gifts that the Mexican soccer player gave her

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Dulce María talks about Memo Ochoa and uncovers a five-year romance with famous actor

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In addition to revealing how much he earned in RBD and recalling some of the fights he had with Anahí while they were part of the pop group, Dulce María spoke like never before about her courtship with the Mexican soccer player Memo Ochoa, who, by the way, still keeps some of the gifts he gave her.

It was in an interview with Yordi Rosado that the singer recalled the torrid romance she lived in her adolescence with him Club América goalkeeper, revealing that, in addition to keeping some of the shirts he gave her, now his stepchildren are his loyal followers.

“You will say it as a joke, but I do have shirts that (he gave me), what’s more, I’m going to auction them… no, it’s not true. They are one of the first that I had from America. Besides, it’s very funny because now my husband’s children are super fans of Memo and the truth is, I think they are like valuable things and so on, “said the star of ‘Corazón que liente’, ‘Rebelde’ and ‘Verano de amor’ .

However, she pointed out that it is not to save many things from past relationships out of respect for her husband, but above all, because he is one of the people who likes to close cycles.

“I am like closing cycles … the cycles that are closed obviously I keep as memories, but I do not think it is so good to keep things like that because I have already opened another cycle of a marriage,” he added.

Dulce María uncovers romance of five masters with famous actor

In addition to remembering your courtship with Guillermo Ochoa and even with

Alfonso Herrera,

The exRBD made an impact by uncovering the romance she had for five years with the actor and speaker Daniel Habif, whom she met when he was part of the group KIDS.


Dulce María uncovers five-year romance with famous actor

It was my first love, we lasted like five years. I was 11 years old and yes, he was my first kiss, but it was not just the kiss, It was a very beautiful love, it was a very childlike love, very innocent … one of those with whom you dream, is the first love, the one that is not toxic or anything (…) we last together until the age of 16 ”, revealed.

This is how Sherlyn, Dulce María and María Fernanda Malo looked when they sang in the group KIDS

By last, The interpreter of ‘Amigos con Derecho’ recalled how her first kiss was with the actor of soap operas such as ‘Corazones al Limit’, ‘Never forget you’ and ‘Against the wind and tide’.

“I had never kissed anyone before. We were in a photo session with the KIDS group and I remember that we were in front of a mirror and we were seeing each other, we were already dating, and suddenly he gave me a kiss, a quico, and from there five years “, he concluded

Sweet Maria.

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