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After Mexico City authorities canceled the Blue Angels concert in Paseo de la Reforma as a preventive measure given the “slight increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases,” the question arose about how much positive cases have increased due to this sickness.

In her press conference on Tuesday, the capital president admitted that in the metropolis there is a slight increase in infections, although she stressed that deaths from this disease continue to decline and most of the capital’s are vaccinated.

“Fortunately, in the City, most of the citizens are already vaccinated and about 30 percent, almost 40 percent of adults … 52 percent of older adults already have their third dose; So that helps a lot, ”he said.

Even Sheinbaum assured that the rebound in new cases of coronavirus is “a matter of precaution nothing more … but it is not an alarm far from it, but simply a precautionary measure to avoid a greater number of infections”.

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, December 28, the Government of Mexico City reported on the suspension of the concert.

“To safeguard the health of the capital, and as a preventive measure against the slight increase in confirmed cases of Covid-19, the Government of Mexico City will postpone the New Year’s Eve Concert that would take place this December 31, to 6:00 pm, in the Glorieta de la Palma ”, the authorities said in a statement issued this Tuesday afternoon.

According to the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, postponing the Los Ángeles Azules concert is not a sign of alarm, since so far there has been no emergency situation despite the new omicron variant.

“It is a matter of precaution to see that there is an increase in cases, but it is not an alarm, but a measure to avoid a greater number of infections. It is a celebration that took place in 2019, we wanted it to be held every December 31 as something that would remain in the City, but we must respect health measures, “he said.

Is there a rebound in COVID-19 in CDMX?

According to figures from Government of Mexico CityIn the last eight days, that is, from Monday, December 20 to Monday, December 27, infections have increased considerably, registering a peak on December 24, with 980 new cases.

In the last week of November, the average figure was 400 infections per day; However, in the last days of December, the CDMX Health has reported more than 700 daily cases.

Even two days ago (December 26) there were 816 deaths from this virus. In the last eight days alone, 4,337 infections have accumulated. It should be noted that in Christmas No new infections were detected, but 10 deaths from coronavirus were detected.

Until this December 27, Mexico City adds 995 thousand 497 confirmed cases, with 52 thousand 801 deaths.

Here are the figures for the last week:

  • Monday, December 20: 300 infections and 5 deaths
  • Tuesday, December 21: 530 infections and 15 deaths
  • Wednesday, December 22: 720 infections and 11 deaths
  • Thursday, December 23: 751 infections and 13 deaths
  • Friday, December 24: 980 infections and 0 deaths
  • Saturday, December 25: 0 infections and 10 deaths
  • Sunday, December 26: 816 infections and 9 deaths
  • Monday, December 27: 240 infections and 8 deaths

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