Danna Paola changes her look to close cycles and this 2021

A few days away from celebrating the New Year, the famous Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola, has surprised his fans with an impressive makeover, without a doubt will say goodbye this year 2021 looking fascinating.

East look change That Danna Paola was done has undoubtedly been the most radical throughout the year, as you will remember during these months we began to see her increasingly wearing her hair with light tones, and even the most recent was her with her short blonde hair.

Precisely on December 20, this beauty shared an image where she apparently posed for Marie Claire magazine, wearing a white shirt with a black corset and a translucent black skirt with some pleats, showing a little of her beautiful legs.

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The new appearance that the singer interpreter of “Mala Fama” and “Nada” has is dark, apparently she decided to return to her natural look, a dark brown and in addition to that we see her posing with her long hair and a pompadour.

Danna Paola wears an impressive look, with which she will say goodbye this 2021 | Twitter screenshot

Back to basics … Back to my real soul hello Brunette, goodbye 2021, that bitch is back, “commented Danna Paola.

His description was quite blunt and direct, returning to his roots without a doubt, this 2022 will become his best year, since he will start it as a feline prepared for everything.

It is likely that Danna Paola You have endless projects to be involved in next year, but like any other prudent celebrity, prefer to keep details low-key and not reveal everything ahead of time.

3 hours ago he began to surprise his fans with this publication where he appears in four photos in total, in this short time he already has more than a million red hearts and also almost 8 thousand comments.

On Twitter, his name immediately began to become a trend since he showed us these images at the moment he has 2,461 twets in his honor, a figure that has been increasing as the minutes pass.

Danna Paola’s success as a singer and actress

Despite the fact that the young woman began her career in both music and acting since she was just a child, when she played Lucrecia in the Spanish Netflix series Elite, her fame began to grow like foam, in the field of music. performance.

As for the music, it was already extremely well known, it has reaped success after success and it seems like a young woman who is not still for just a moment, she is continuously releasing singles either alone or in collaboration, the most recent was with Mau and Ricky.

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