‘Chivas reinforcements need to know where they are standing’: Sandoval

Reinforcements go, reinforcements come and in Chivas that process has been like looking for the squaring of the circle. But nevertheless, the lack of results has not been because the players lack quality but rather awareness, according one of the elements that passed through the Flock with reinforcement label.

Walter Gael Sandoval was awarded Rookie of the Year at the end of the 2016-2017 football season as a Santos player and half a year later he was already signing for Chivas, where he failed, but where he longs to return, once his adventure in New Zealand, which is just beginning, is over.

The midfielder born in Guadalajara and trained in Estudiantes Tecos believes that many reinforcements of the Herd do not know how to value the moments, so it is until they come out when they yearn for a second chance.

If you want to play in that team, you will have a responsibility, which not everyone assumes, only you have to be aware what responsibility are you carrying and when can you do things and when not, because they are going to judge you, face you, criticize you. It’s just awareness they lack awareness to know where they stand and which team they are on, nothing more”, He assured in interview with Half-time, by phone from Wellington, New Zealand, where you just arrived.

Sandoval left Chivas two years after his arrival, and then go through the FC Juárez, again Santos and Mazatlán FC, until now signed for six months with Wellington Phoenix, New Zealand team in which also played Ulises Dávila, who now plays for Macarthur of the same Australian League.

It came to Guadalajara as a bet from the then CEO of the Herd, José Luis Higuera, the manager who preceded Ricardo Peláez, who has not found a way to make the reinforcements surrender, since of the eight presented with bass drum and cymbal two years ago there are only two left: Jesús Angulo and Cristian Calderón.

It is important that in Chivas the managers speak, that they tell you ‘you are going to have a responsibility in this club’. The rest will happen: parties, travel, whatever, but there are going to be moments that you have to understand, that there will be weeks and days that you will not be able to do it. Have that responsibility, value, because many would like to be there”He added.

Others reinforcements that arrived in 2019 at the beginning of the Peláez era and that they are gone in the club they were Víctor Guzmán, José Juan Macías, José Juan “Gallito” Vázquez, José Madueña, Alexis Peña and Uriel Antuna, the latter who this week was signed by Cruz Azul.


Before leaving for New Zealand, where your team plays for the Australian League, Walter Gael spoke with Ricardo Peláez to order one new opportunity in Guadalajara.

“For me it was not unfair, but just maybe I could have had another chance like others that they had to return to Chivas and see what happens; others return to Chivas because there is no other option for them because they went on loan, “he said.

It was the case of (Ángel) Zaldívar, of (Carlos) Cisneros and what a mess! that Father! They go on loan, as it happened with me, and they return because there is no other option for them, ok they come back and start to play and show”.

Although Sandoval has not yet been granted that second chance, He still has a current contract with the club, until December 2022, so do not give up your search for redemption.

Of course I would have loved to return to Chivas and it would have been different, I told him when I spoke with Ricardo, and I also told (Marcelo Michel) Leaño ‘give me the opportunity to return and I assure you that I’m going to give you results, I’m not going to see if I put it together, If I don’t give you results I’ll go ‘”, He recounted.

“Simple, I told you, unfortunately they had other plans and they did not border me (to leave), but my best decision was to come here (to New Zealand) ”.

Between the options who handled Sandoval was that of play in the Expansion League with the affiliate team, in addition to having a offer from Querétaro, which did not convince him.

They also gave me the option of returning to Tapatío, but we’ll see in six months if it goes well for me. I also told Ricardo ‘in six months, please see me, keep watching me and they will see what Return from here from Australia as champion and they return to Chivas‘. I hope that can happen and give me a chance”.

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