Children’s hospitalizations on the rise in New York state

Since mid-December in the United States, there has been an increase of more than 30% in pediatric hospitalizations due to Covid-19, for which the health authorities of the state of New York have been especially affected and have announced that they are monitoring this worrying trend.

Children’s hospitalizations for Covid-19 remain exceptional; depending on the state, they only represent 2-4% of general income. But the trend in New York is alarming, since in the space of two weeks these hospitalizations have quadrupled.

None of these children were fully vaccinated. It must be said that half of this income refers to children under 5 years of age, who still cannot receive the vaccine.

At the national level, the United States has seen an increase of 31% in 10 days. Last week an average of 800 children a day. According The Washington Post, the majority are adolescents with risk factors.

On Monday, December 27, in the face of a sharp increase in infections in the United States and a shortage of tests, Joe Biden tried to reassure Americans not to panic.

With information from RFI Miami correspondent David Thomson.

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