Checo Pérez is out of the top-10 in the pilot vote

The Mexican was left out of the list chosen by the vote of the same pilots.

The Formula 1 presented his top 10 of the best drivers of 2021 and in which highlights the absence of the Mexican driver from Red bull, Checo Pérez, who despite finishing fourth in the world championship was not included.

Those in charge of making this list are the competitors themselves, so the absence of Checo Pérez It is due to the lack of votes he received from his teammates on the grid.

This was the fourth year that the Formula 1 he performs this exercise and the pilots vote with the same scoring system that is seen throughout the season, giving 25 units to their respective winner, up to a point for tenth place.

The sum of the templates did not benefit Checo Pérez, who did not enter that classification. The winner of the vote was Max verstappen, world champion, followed by Lewis Hamilton.

The surprises in the classification begin with the third place having the English of Mclaren, Lando norris, in fourth place Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc was fifth and Fernando Alonso in sixth place, marking the return of the two-time world champion to competition.

Seventh place went to Pierre Gasly, the eighth place is for the youth of Williams, George russell, Esteban Ocon in ninth place and the big surprise on the list is the young German Mick Schumacher.

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