Cecilia Mingüer, former director of MACO, disappears; Oaxaca prosecutor’s office issues search form

Oaxaca de Juárez.- The General Prosecutor of the State of Oaxaca (FGEO) issued a search form after the disappearance of Cecilia Mingüer Vargas, who was the last director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca (MACO).

In the file, issued this Tuesday, the Unlocated Persons Search Unit of the FGEO details that Cecilia was seen for the last time on December 25, and since then there is no information about her.

It was the family of Minguër Vargas who appeared before the authorities to denounce his non-location and provide data to find his whereabouts.

So far, they pointed to THE UNIVERSAL sources close to the case, there are no elements that can account for a violent situation that led to the absence of Mingüer Vargas; however, the FGEO initiated the corresponding investigation.

After the disappearance, the Ombudsman for Human Rights of the People of Oaxaca (DDHPO), initiated ex officio the file DDHPO / CA / 0513 / (01) / OAX / 2021, in addition to requesting the adoption of precautionary measures so that the authorities carry out the search and location of the former director of MACO.

It is presumed that he can wear jeans, black shoes or tennis shoes and a typical blouse, garments characteristic of his daily clothing.

His complexion is robust, he has short, dark gray hair, a dark complexion, semi-crowded eyebrows.

Head fight

Cecilia Mingüer leads the fight of at least a dozen museum employees, who since the first half of April 2020 do not receive payment of their salaries, since the Friends association of the MACO, which heads Ruben Leyva, does not grant the resource.

In the legal process and after the violent eviction suffered by the workers in April 2020, they assert that they have received threats, discrimination and harassment; These include the deprivation of liberty of those who served as guards in the museum.

Due to these events, the workers filed three complaints with the FGEO.

“That the workers questioned their payments, the president did not like it and from there the disagreement arose. We continued waiting for the state government to absorb the expenses, but they never told us that we were not going to be paid, ”Mingüer explained last August.

“If you have seen it or have information that you believe may help you locate it, please contact the number of the Oaxaca State Prosecutor’s Office 018000077628,” the workers wrote in their account. Facebook.

Organizations such as Feminists Oaxaca Y Consortium for Parliamentary Dialogue and Equity.

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