Carlos Rodríguez says ‘yes’ and will be a new Cruz Azul player; Luis Romo goes to Monterrey

Charly Rodríguez agreed to get to Cruz Azul and became the fourth reinforcement of La Machine, with a four-year contract; while Romo will go to Rayados and away from the European dream

MEXICO — Carlos Rodriguez gave “yes” to Blue Cross and he will be a new player of The Machine, with which Luis Romo will arrive as reinforcement to Monterrey in another of the “pumps” of this winter market of the MX League.

ESPN advanced on Thursday, December 23, the proposal that he made Cruz Azul to Monterrey for the exchange of Romo by Rodríguez, a situation that was confirmed on Monday 27 that there was already a total agreement between clubs and the “ok” of Luis Romo to emigrate to Rayados, for which he only needed to Charly rodriguez accept the offer of Blue Cross, a situation that occurred on Tuesday afternoon.

Multiple sources consulted by ESPN confirmed the agreement between all parties, which will mean a salary increase for both blunt as for Rodriguez. Charly He will sign a four-year contract with La Máquina Cementera and Luis is expected to do the same, that is, a four-year contract with Rayados.

The sources confirmed to this medium that the operation is for final sale for 100 percent of the federative rights of each player, and in the exchange Blue Cross will also pay 2.3 million dollars to Monterrey.

The negotiation is expected to take place formally on Wednesday, December 29, after which the clubs will make official announcements.

TO blunt, 26, had a year remaining on his contract with Blue Cross and his intention was to go to Europe, but the offers that reached La Noria were insufficient for the celestial directive. For its part, Rodriguez, 24 years old, had a valid contract until June 30, 2023 with Monterrey and his arrival at La Maquina includes an important economic improvement.

While Blue Cross will add its fourth reinforcement with Charly rodriguez, after the arrival of Christian Tabó, Uriel Antuna and Alejandro Mayorga, Monterrey has its first incorporation with Luis Romo and sources from the royal team told ESPN which is also very close to signing Rodolfo Pizarro on a one-year loan with an option to purchase, a negotiation that is still ongoing.

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