Cargo ship arrives in port with a lot of frozen cars

Buying a car today requires a lot of patience, due to the current shortage of semiconductors globally, which has led to a waiting list of months.

During these dates many expect to receive their new car in the shortest possible time, but for some Russian owners this will not be likely, as a ship named ‘Sun Rio’ was carrying a batch of new cars that arrived frozen at the port of Vladivostok, Russia.

A Russian publication by name VLHe explained that the ship was coming from South Korea to the largest port in Russia and that, during the trip, very extreme weather conditions arose, which led to the new cars being totally frozen.

“It is December, the sea is rough and windy. Water splashes on board, forming a crust on the cars. It’s not a big deal, except this year the winds were stronger than usual. ” He mentioned a sailor to the newspaper, while explaining that such mishaps were common.

So far it is not known how many cars were affected, but the ship’s manager mentioned that they were carrying models of the Sling Fit and Jazz, and Toyota Tank and Roomy.

Likewise, it was explained that to deliver the cars and take them to the dealerships, the sailors will have to break the thick crusts of ice with special fire hydrants and with special tools to avoid damaging the exterior of the car.

* Images: NewsVLru *

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