Cancellation of flights due to Covid-19 continues for the fifth consecutive day; In the US there are more than a thousand

The flight cancellations in the world, mainly due to the expansion of the omicron variant, continued for the fifth day in a row, and almost reached 3,000.

According to the site Flight Aware, which is dedicated to monitoring the air trafficAfter 4:00 p.m., cancellations totaled 2,922 this Tuesday, and delays 10,507.

Flight cancellations to or from the United States totaled 1,135, and delays 4,765.

The most affected airports are Asian ones. In origin, those that have registered the most cancellations are those of Jakarta, Beijing and Shanghai, in this order; in destination, Beijing, Jakarta and Seattle.

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In the registry by airlines, the most affected have been China Eastern and Air China (426 and 196 cancellations, respectively).

On Monday, there were a total of 3,260 cancellations worldwide, almost half of them (1,474) in the United States, a trend that began last Friday and grew over the weekend.

General airline policy is to require proof of vaccination plus a PCR test before boarding an international flight, but the main epidemiologist of the US Government, the now famous Dr. Anthony Fauci, suggested yesterday that these requirements also be extended for internal flights in the United States, where only PCR testing is required.

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