Boxing: David Benavidez’s Dad returns to the charge against Canelo: “They are shitty excuses”

Salt ‘Canelo’ lvarez prepares for fight Ilunga Makabu; however there are boxers who raise their hands to end the dominance of the Mexican. One of them is David Benavidez, who in his father’s words is a real threat to the cover.

In an interview with YSM Sports Media, Jos Benavidez assured that Canelo only makes excuses to evade your child:

“They say David (Benavidez) doesn’t bring anything to the table, so what does that tell you? They are running and they are afraid to fight David Benavidez. It is a dangerous fight for them and they do not want to accept that challenge. They are shitty excuses. Like I say, if you weren’t so confident that you could beat David, why not make payday and buy that fight and win a lot of money? Because it will sell a lot of tickets. “

For Jos, the fight against Makabu is not attractive to the fans: “It is a great duel to fight David. Nobody knows the African boy (Ilunga Makabu). Am I interested in seeing that fight? No. There are a lot of people who don’t want to see that fight. “

This is not the first time that the youngest of Benavidez asks for an opportunity, So in their environment they are clear: “Why are (Canelo Team) fighting up to cruiserweight and not fighting at 168? Do you think it is better to fight the Africans than to fight David? We are number one, and he doesn’t want to fight. I do not understand”.

Finally, Jos Benavidez spoke about his son’s immediate goals: “We are not worried about him (Canelo) at the moment. We will fight David Lemieux, and we are focused on what we are doing. I don’t care what Canelo does. Hopefully, drop all those belts, and we go after them. “


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