Belinda and Christian Nodal are expecting their first child

“My love, everyone wants me to get pregnant,” said Nodal, who made the transmission with the blonde, but the interpreter of In the dark was very blunt with her answer: “Well, yes, but not yet. Silly, you have to do things right, old-fashioned, first, girls, don’t we need an engagement ring? Things have to be with time ”, clarified Belinda in that transmission.

Christian Nodal and Belinda.

In addition, to clarify the rumors, Belinda shared on her Instagram Stories an image with a black background and the phrase: “I’m not pregnant”, written in white letters.

Belinda and Nodal got engaged last May at the Salvaje restaurant in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the place was decorated with roses and candles and became the perfect setting for the singer to ask the actress to be his wife.

“Innocent little dove that you allowed yourself to be fooled, knowing that on this day no one should be trusted”, Don’t fall for jokes like these! Today is December 28, the Day of the Holy Innocents.

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