Bad Bunny: more than 2,000 COVID-19 cases are linked to a concert in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico authorities link more than 2,000 cases COVID-19 to the concert from Bad bunny in a baseball stadium. Photo: Cuartoscuro (Archive).

The Office of Epidemiology of the Department of Health of Puerto Rico linked around 2 thousand 5 cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) to the concert, of two editions, made by the Puerto Rican reggaeton Bad bunny at the Hiram Bithorn Baseball Stadium.

According to the local media The new day, health authorities link cases of COVID-19 both people who attended the concert from Bad bunny, like those who did not attend, but had contact with an infected fan at the San Juan stadium.

COVID-19 in concert

  • The office called on citizens to avoid crowds
  • The new day says that the office carries out a contagion route

In this sense, reports from the Department of Health assured that cases COVID-19, results of concert from Bad bunny, are of the Ómicron variant, and coincide with the dates of the presentation, held the second weekend of December, between Friday 10 and Saturday 11.

Estimates ensure that the concert from Bad bunny gathered around 80 thousand reggaeton players, since the island of Puerto Rico also experiences another upturn in cases COVID-19. Days before the show, the artist asked his fans on Twitter to follow the biosecurity measures.

  • Due to the peak of infections COVID-19, authorities apply massive tests
  • The campaign began on December 23 in a parking lot in San Juan

Before the concert from Bad bunny, a long line of cars snaked into the parking lot where people waited their turn for tests COVID-19. The island, a territory of the United States, has high vaccination figures, but authorities are asking for citizen commitment.

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