Apple would have paid some of its engineers up to $ 180,000 in shares not to migrate to Meta


Dec 29, 2021 00:14 GMT

The measure upset workers who did not benefit from it, who consider that the selection has been arbitrary.

Apple last week offered share bonuses to some of its engineers in an attempt to stop the flight of workers to Meta, Bloomberg reports with reference to familiar sources.

The value of those bonuses would range from $ 50,000 to $ 180,000, and as an incentive for professionals to stay at Apple, the shares are consolidated for four years.

The program, which is not public, includes high-performance specialists in the sectors of silicon design, ‘hardware’ and some groups of ‘software’. In all these divisions, the proportion of engineers who received the incentive varies between 10% and 20%.

In comments to the newspaper, the informants pointed out that the size of the bonuses is atypical for the company. They also indicated that the decision upset some specialists who were left out of the program, who consider that the selection has been arbitrary.

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The move was taken in the wake of intensified talent-recruiting efforts by Facebook’s owner, which, after changing the name and announcing plans to develop hardware and the metaverse, has dramatically increased salaries.

Another factor that could have compounded Apple’s problems keeping staff would be the obligation to return to work from offices, Bloomberg says. While several companies, including Meta, have adopted a lax policy about telecommuting, the Cupertino company requires its employees to work three to five days a week in the office.

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