Alfredo Gatica tests positive for Covid-19, the actor was recording soap opera

With project on the doorstep, as announced a few days ago, Alfredo Gatica joined the cast of the new telenovela of Televisa, ‘Divided love‘, starring Eva Cedeño Y Andres Palacios, who will air on January 17, 2022.

However, after this good news, Gatica shared with his followers that he gave positive to Covid-19, so he let it shine through a instagram story, where the positive result is observed at SARS-CoV-2.

Take care of yourselves! The contagious one is hard, the bug is everywhere“, wrote the actor along with the photograph of his result, but minutes later, the actor finished by delete its publication.

This is how he announced the news of his new project:

The beloved actor did not disclose further details of his health condition; however, we hope you are well and that the symptom are mild.

Alfredo Gatica Covid-19

Alfredo Gatica was working on the play ‘Blue room‘, where he shares the stage with Zuria vega, Naian González Norvind Y Pierre Louis, who address questioning of human life and how human beings change with age.

Alfredo Gatica in Blue Room

In the same way, the actor continued working on his page of Only Fans, where you share exclusive material for people who subscribe to your page. In addition to that in recent statements he had revealed that he would not stop uploading material.

Although at first he opened his Only Fans page as a way to be able to earn income, because the pandemic had affected him economically, Gatica confessed that he now felt comfortable doing artistic photographs of her nudes, so she no longer did it for a economic remuneration.

Alfredo Gatica and his Only Fans page

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