Aleida Núñez shows off her curves on her way to Dubai, for the new year

The flirtatious and successful Mexican actress Aleida Nunez She shared a very flirtatious photo of her curves from the plane, referring to her impressive trip to dubai, it will surely pass new Year in that place.

This flirty businesswoman, actress, singer and model always shines in her publications, it was not a surprise that Aleida Núñez showed off a bit of the course of her trip to this impressive city in the United Arab Emirates.

It should be mentioned that despite the fact that today, December 28, the day of the innocent saints is usually celebrated, where some jokes are usually made, despite this Aleida’s publication is real, since it was published 23 hours ago.

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In this particular image, she shows off her rear charms, while enjoying the airplane seat that looks like a full bed, thanks to the ability to settle in and stretch out a bit.

We have seen this type of aircraft on more than one occasion in the videos of stories by Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja.

Aleida Núñez will surely enjoy this new year in Dubai | Instagram aleidanunez

Surely like Aleida Nunez millions of people already have their end of the year party planned, although it is always entertaining to enjoy the publications of celebrities for these important dates, as was the case with the beautiful actress.

After finishing her presentations with the cabaret show titled “Amor de Tres”, the flirtatious model decided to take a well-deserved vacation, surely she was accompanied by her little son Alexander Glogovsky, whom we already know is the love of her life.

At the moment it is known if Aleida is dating a new partner to date, something that she surely does not need at the moment, perhaps she prefers to enjoy her single status and spend as much time as possible with her son now that he is young.

What can be done in Dubai?

Dubai is known because it is an impressive and above all beautiful city, it was founded on June 9, 1933 and to date it is one of the richest in the world, there are many activities that you can do in this beautiful place in addition to admiring the impressive architecture.

You could visit Burj Khalifa an impressive 830 meter high tower, so you could admire a beautiful passage if you visit it and even see much of the city.

There are more than 74 fountains in the city, each one with a beautiful design, you can also find more than 30 thousand shopping centers, there is also a water park called Aquaventure.

Obviously, a camel ride through the desert could not be missing, perhaps it is one of the most popular activities in Dubai.

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