Aislinn Derbez and her boyfriend Jonathan Kubben spill honey with this cute postcard

It was earlier this month that Aislinn derbez confirmed his courtship with Jonathan Kubben, despite the fact that for months it was rumored that they had a relationship that went beyond friendship.

However, since then she has tried to be discreet with what she shares on social networks regarding her relationship, which is why a tender postcard that she shared with the influencer recently caught our attention.

Through his Instagram account, lThe actress uploaded a black and white photograph, in which she can be seen lying on her boyfriend’s lap, who supports her head with one of his hands, while she closes her eyes and allows Jonathan to pamper herself. And although he did not accompany the image with any description, he managed to cause emotions because of the romantic nature of said photograph.

Apparently, the couple spent a separate season, because they celebrated Christmas with their respective families and a few days ago they met again at the Mexico City airport.

Aislinn derbez
IG: @aislinnderbez

It was last December 1, when Aislinn and Jonathan They were seen in love, for the first time, on their social networks, and made their relationship public. “Yes it is worth falling in love again and opening your heart and getting into romanticism … but enough is enough to measure the success of a relationship by how long it was and this type of nonsense social paradigms with which we grew up,” said the famous in a post on Instagram.

He added: “Thank you Jonatahn Kubben for the richness, the adventures, the fun and the love that you have brought into my life. Since I met you, I was too surprised by your creativity, your intelligence, your different way of living life through everything you do ”.

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