After a lawsuit with Legarreta and 8 years banned from Televisa, the host returns to ‘VLA’ and destroys ‘Hoy’

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Mexico City.- A host, who has been causing controversy on social networks for several weeks, returns to Come the joy after a lawsuit with Andrea Legarreta at Today program after divorcing her husband and being banned from Televisa.

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Is about Anette cuburu, who had been absent from the morning of Aztec TV. Although it was said that it was because he took a vacation, the journalist Alex Kaffie argued that executives ‘rested’ her because she had been in contact with people who tested positive for Covid-19.

I find out that Televisión Azteca ordered Anette Cuburu not to report to work for 15 days. The reason? The driver was close to people who tested positive for COVID-19, a situation that makes her “suspicious” of having it as well. That is why in recent days he has been absent from the spaces in which he regularly participates, “he explained.

However, what a surprise that viewers were taken when they saw the ex-host of the program Today back in the forum Come the joy. Was the news Kaffie gave a lie?

No, because users quickly detected that the broadcast of this Tuesday, December 28, in the Day of the InnocentsIt had been recorded and the cast was not live.

In the comments, users criticized them for not doing the program, as it was evident that Cuburu would not have returned otherwise.

The best joke was making us believe they were live. ”

They are not live because Cuburu has the virus. ”

Very recorded the program “.

As you will recall, Anette entered the Ajusco in 1998 and later switched to the San Ángel company, where he spent a few years in the Today program. There arose a strong enmity with Andrea Legarreta, even though Anette is friends with Galilea Montijo.

Although Cuburu has never said exactly why they do not get along, Andrea hinted a few months ago that the driver points her out for allegedly having invented a rumor about her, although she claims that things were not like that.

After passing through the morning of The stars, Anette was banned for 8 years of all television stations after divorcing in 2011 from the father of her children Alejandro Benitez, a senior executive of Televisa.

According to her, after separating, he allegedly ordered that they not give him a job anywhere, for which Cuburu had to go through severe economic problems and he spent years without being on Televisa or TV Azteca.

From the hand of the deceased Magda Rodriguez, who in those years worked in Azteca, Anette joined the program Eva’s Club. Later came Quite a show and then came to Come the joy after the resignation of Ingrid Coronado in 2018.

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