A man was searching for deer antlers in a forest and finds the remains of an MMA fighter who disappeared almost 2 years ago


Dec 28, 2021 23:06 GMT

David Koenig had been last seen on February 8, 2020. On the night of his disappearance he sent text messages to his friends asking for help because he felt he was in danger.

The body of a mixed martial arts fighter missing for almost two years was found last week in southern Missouri (USA), the Branson City Police Department reported on Monday.

The discovery came after the report of a man who on December 22 was wandering through a wooded area of ​​that town in search of deer antlers. Police investigators and the Branson Coroner’s Office searched the site, found several personal items and this December 27 reported that the human remains belonged to David koenig, 25 years old.

“Examination of the remains by a forensic pathologist determined that there was no trauma and that the death did not appear to be the result of a suicidal act, “the police said in a statement.

The victim had been last seen on February 8, 2020, at a hotel in Branson, where he had stayed for several days and owned by a friend of hers. The night of his disappearance, Koenig texted his friends asking for help because I felt I was in danger, picks up the Branson Tri-Lakes News media.

His disappearance was only notified the following month, since, according to his mother, Tracy Green Koenig, he used to “disconnect” from everything, although he always ended up communicating with his family. “David I had fought addiction [a las drogas] for many years on and off. It was not unusual for him to go somewhere and not communicate with us for days and even weeks. Really, at first we thought that was exactly what he was doing, “said the mother months after the fact.

In March, his name was included in a missing persons investigation and his search included excavations in Taney and Stone counties, in Missouri, and Boone County, in the neighboring state of Arkansas.

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