7 tips for creating a gym routine for beginners

One of the objectives that people have when the year begins is to go to the gym in order to get a better body or, simply, for health.

Although yesWe always recommend starting as soon as possibleIt may be that the fact of starting a new year psychologically helps to maintain the purpose, although, unfortunately, not many people maintain this routine throughout the year.

One of the causes is because people start without having a clue of how to do things, so here we tell you 7 tips to start the gym on the right foot and not leave it.

A perfect workout routine for gym newbies

Hire a training professional

This should be the first step that anyone who starts in a gym should give. No one is born taught, so hiring a coach, even for a few months, It is necessary for me to teach you the main bases of training, which exercises are better, how to perform the technique correctly, etc.


Don’t start the house from the roof

Although it is more professional to do a thousand complicated exercises, the most efficient is that let’s start by learning and doing basic exercises like the bench press, squat, deadlift, row, etc. This is so because they are the exercises that will help us create more muscle mass and, therefore, will positively reinforce us to continue training.

Prioritize intensity over volume

Although, although beginners, with little intensity and volume of training, can progress perfectly, the right thing to do would be to start knowing how to monitor ourselves and place ourselves in a perceived exertion scale in training.

Our advice is that, instead of doing a thousand sets with little effort, we start by doing 2 or 3 intense sets of each exercise in order to monitor ourselves and gain strength.

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Don’t go to the gym every day

Although as power, you can go to the gym every day and progress, the normal thing is that a novice does not know how to tolerate so much training, so it is normal that he can be very fatigued in his day to day and leave the gym little to little.

We suggest going to the beginning between 2 and 4 days and, if you see that you can tolerate more training volume, increase the days per week.

Don’t go to failure in all series

Although going to failure in a series can be convenient to, above all, know how far you are capable of going, it is recommended and, especially in beginners, is to leave 2 or 3 repetitions in the chamber in most series, that is, be 2 or 3 repeats from failure.

Leave single-joint exercises at the end of your workout

A mistake that can be made is, for example, to perform biceps exercises first and end the training with back exercises.

This would have to be the other way around because, since the biceps is an exercise that is synergistic when performing back exercises, we will not be able to exert as much force, so, probably, in multi-joint exercises we will not be able to progress as much.

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Don’t be in a hurry

It is likely that the first weeks and even months, you will see incredible results, especially, if you start doing things right.

This is normal since it is a new stimulus that our body is not used to, so the gains in muscle mass or loss of fat will be quite fast at first. But this is not always the case, so the following results will take longer and more to be noticed, so we recommend not being in a hurry, as this is a long-distance race.

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