VLA: This was the CRUEL joke they made to the drivers for “April Fools Day” | VIDEO

This Tuesday, December 28, the “Day of the Holy Innocents” and beyond its religious connotation, this celebration has been characterized by the jokes that are made during the day and in “Venga la Alegría” they did not miss this date and throughout the entire program they made different jokes, but there was one in specified that was considered the best although a bit cruel because caused a strong scare among some members of the cast from the famous morning TV Azteca.

To start the day of jokes, Kristal Silva made the announcement of her pregnancy, however, it did not have the repercussion that she expected because this joke is one of the classic ones that are made on April Fools’ Day, so she was immediately betrayed , it is worth mentioning that In social networks, the beautiful driver was criticized Well, the followers of the program asked him to be more creative for the following year.

So was the cruel joke

At another point in the program, most of the cast was participating in the dynamic called “Without Words” and everyone was focused on guessing the concept that “El Capi” was trying to communicate with gestures and other bodily expressions, so the production took advantage of the fact that everyone was off guard and they made a rag doll fall from the top of the forum, so the drivers thought that it was a technician who had suffered a fall and all they ran off screaming.

Once they realized that it was all a joke the laughter did not wait and in the repetition of the video it could be seen that all were victims of the joke and some of those who were most scared were “El Capi”, Laura G, Anette Cuburu, Sergio Sepúlveda and Roger González.

After the video was broadcast on the social networks of “Come Joy” The reactions did not wait and all kinds of opinions were generated among the followers of the successful morning because while some considered it to be an extremely heavy joke, others were genuinely amused by the joke and pointed out that it was one of the best of the program on this April Fool’s Day.

Anette Cuburu reappears on the show

Last Friday, December 24, the entertainment journalist, Alex Kaffie, uncovered that Anette Cuburu was suspected of being infected with Covid-19 so she had to isolate herself for 15 days, however, The beloved presenter was surprised to appear on “Venga La Alegría” this Tuesday, so his presence left more questions than answers, since everything seems to indicate that it was all a false alarm and that he is not a carrier of the virus, however, it is expected that in the following hours he will report if a test has already been done that show that you are disease free.


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