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UNITED STATES.- A TikTok user shared a video in which he claims, his cat was attacked by a strange being, which could be considered a “ghost”, and paralyzed social networks after terrifying event.

It was through the account “Stardustannie” where a video from a security camera in a residence, which captures the moment when three cats and two dogs experience the presence of what appears to be a “ghost”.

In the images you can see a dog that appears to be nervous and surrounds a table, at the same time walks near two cats while banging noises are heard inside the house.

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Sounds alert a second dog that is inside a cage, while two of the cats peek into the kitchen, which is where the noises appear to come from.

A third cat appears in the kitchen, but is immediately swept away by a strange “shadow” as another blow is heard and disappears from the shot.

The images were recorded between 05:59 and 06:00 hours on December 23 and went viral on TikTok, where many of the users assure that the presence that dragged the pet could be evil.

TikTok / Screenshot

This, after the owner of the house shared the images with her followers and suggested that they leave their comments on what they thought about it.

I think our cat (Huck) was thrown across the kitchen this morning by an invisible force… thoughts? ”Stardustannie wrote.

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But apparently he didn’t like the answers very much, since some told him that the situation was a set up and it was made by human hands in order to generate views on the social network, but he replied that he will upload more videos so they can see that he is not lying, after he was offended for having accused her of cheating without having evidence.

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