UFC star says he would have “failed as a man” if he had had a gay son and unleashes an avalanche of criticism online


Dec 28, 2021 14:22 GMT

After receiving the first criticisms, Sean Strickland tried to clarify his comments and noted that “gay men are great.”

UFC fighter Sean Strickland sparked controversy on social media this Monday by declaring in a series of tweets that it would be considered a “failure as a man” if he raised a homosexual child.

“If I had a gay son I would think I have failed as a man to create such weakness“, wrote the athlete, who currently ranks seventh in the American wrestling company’s middleweight rankings. “If I had a daughter whore I would think she just wants to be like her father!” He joked.

The statement provoked an avalanche of criticism, so the fighter tried to clarify his comments pointing out that “gay men are cool“and supports them and their choice.” Freedom! The gays have it clear. Most of the gay men I know are always happy. They all spend the day with their friends and have sex. We heterosexuals are screwed, we have to work hard to have sex. It’s not fair”, he pointed.

"If I could kill a human it would make me feel good": An MMA fighter talks about his murderous thoughts

However, his new comments did little to calm the torrent of criticism against him. “Did you make a bet with someone to see how quickly they kicked you off Twitter or something?” I ask an Internet user, referring to the fact that the fighter’s opinions already caused him to will block your Instagram account.

Meanwhile, another user suggested that the athlete does not have one iota of the same type of guts that some of the homosexual veterans of the USA “I served in Afghanistan with men who were homosexual, and you cannot compare with the force that they possess” , He said.

A surfer declared: “Another day and another reason not to like Sean Strickland, nothing to see here.” “You just lost all my respect. I really think you should see a better psychiatrist,” added other. For their part, some they wished “Good luck to the PR team” of the fighter.

Strickland has become one of the most controversial figures in the UFC in recent months. In October, he spoke openly about his murderous thoughts during an interview with the MMA Fighting portal. “If I could kill a human being, it it would make me feel good for a short time“He explained.” It’s one of those things that more people think about, and I’m the only one who says it, “he added, specifying that all his life he has had these kinds of thoughts, which, to a large extent, would explain – according to him – not having a social life.

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