This is the Rewind Hispano 2021: “The best video of the year” with cameos from Messi, Agero, Ibai, Rubius and more

TOwe just finished seeing the video of the Rewind Hispano 2021 and we are simply speechless.

Alecmolon and the entire DHC Films team have managed to make the most spectacular video of the year that collects the best of the Hispanic community of content creators.

The video uploaded by its creator carried it in less than 20 minutes it already exceeded 50 thousand views And it is that the hype was through the roof after having stayed in the air during the first months of this 2021 until Grefg and Alecmolon announced that he was coming back.

And he’s come back stronger than ever, with a production that could be around more than 100,000 euros, Alecmolon and his team have made Rewind Hispano a real display of ingenuity, talent and special effects that he would already like some production from our country.

Alecmolon in a scene from Rewind Hispano 2021

Alecmolon in a scene from Rewind Hispano 2021

The beginning is spectacular and we can see the creator of the Rewind Hispano characterized as Dr. Strange and since we don’t want to do a lot of spilers, we will say that the rest of the video has nothing to do with the beginning.

A project carried out with the investment of content creators

Aroyitt recreating a scene from EGOLAND for Rewind Hispano 2021

Aroyitt recreating a scene from EGOLAND for Rewind Hispano 2021

Content creators like Ibai Llanos, Grefg, Rubius, Alexby, Aroyitt, Jordi Wild, Spursito or Knekro They contributed their grain of sand so that this project could see the light and scenes from the streamers series such as EGOLAND, Arkadia, Marbella Vice or the recent TortillaLand.

The youtubers who financed the Rewind Hispano 2021

The youtubers who financed the Rewind Hispano 2021

In addition to bringing in Latin American content creators to shoot the scene for “El Juego del Calamar”, where Arigameplays, JuanSGuarnizo, ElMariana or Ama Blitz participated.

Luxury cameos: Agero, Messi, Piqu or Jordi ENP

Gerard piqu

Gerard Piqu in a scene from Rewind Hispano 2021

Undoubtedly Alecmolon and you, your DHC Films team, have done it again multiplied by a thousand, because they have achieved that relevant characters such as Kun Agero, Gerard Piqu or Leo Messi Through a recorded video, they will participate in a Hispanic Rewind that has surpassed its predecessors.

They have also enlisted the collaboration of the adult entertainment actor, Jordi ENP or the presenter of “El Chiringuito”, Josep Pedrerol.

MARCA was the scene of some sequences of the Rewind Hispano 2021

TheGrefg in the newsroom

TheGrefg in the editorial office of MARCA during the recording of Rewind Hispano 2021

The writing of MARCA also served as the setting for TheGrefg scene to be filmed. and also the exterior in the arrival of Cristinini as Agent Miranda from Marbella Vice. It is a pleasure to have been present in the recording of one of the videos that will undoubtedly be one of the most viewed during the remainder of the year.

Where to see the Rewind Hispano 2021

The video is hosted on Alecmolon’s YouTube channel but we leave the video here for you to enjoy one of the most spectacular productions of the year.

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