This is the new symptom of the omicron variant, according to a study

Through the ZOE Covid study, researchers from United Kingdom identified another symptom of omicron variant of the illness covid-19, which was registered with a higher incidence than in the rest of the variations.

The study ZOE Covid detected a link between omicron and the loss of appetite in patients who were analyzed in recent weeks in the city of London.

The research identified that 50 percent of the people presented symptom characteristic of the disease, such as cough, fever and loss of smell and taste, in the same way with the variants delta Y omicron.

The investigation also identified that people infected with the omicron variant they presented loss of appetite and mental confusion.

The loss of hunger It can be detected when a person skips the meals they are used to eating. In adults over 35 years of age this symptom can last between four days and up to a month.

As for minors, the ZOE study indicates that this symptom can last up to three days.

Besides, the loss of appetite it is more common in covid-19 patients who are over 65 years old.

In the presence of this symptom, health specialists recommend that when presenting loss of appetite patients continue to drink fluids to help the body fight infection.

Likewise, experts say that loss of smell and fever are less common in people with omicron, that in those who were infected with the variant delta.


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