They reveal the last words of Carlos Marín before dying from covid-19

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Due to complications from the covid-19 he suffered, Carlos Marín passed away on December 19, at the age of 53, and it was just revealed what his last words were before being intubated.

Carlos Marín, who was a member of the Il Divo group, he had a loving relationship with Geraldine Larrosa, and it was she who spoke that no one expected him to die.

“Right now part of my soul is gone. We didn’t expect him because we thought he was going to get out of it. He said he was going to come home for Christmas. It is a tragedy because we did not expect it“Geraldine commented.

He said that before Carlos was put into a coma, made a video call with her to say goodbye, because the singer knew that he was in very poor health.

They had plans to remarry

“At the end, He told me that he loved me and that I was the woman in his life and to take care of his family. I could not believe it, “said the singer, assuring that the two years since the covid-19 pandemic were spent together.

“I have the satisfaction that he has lived with me and my daughter, starting a family and has been very happy. We have laughed all the time. We had many plans together, including remarrying“He commented and later revealed that Carlos Marín only had one dose of the Janssen vaccine and that he was in perfect health before becoming infected.

“Carlos Marín has been the best person in the world and has been very great in the whole world. He deserves a memory as the greatest man in music. This is a pandemic, this is a tragedy and we have to end this and settle this, for someone to finish this massacre, “he concluded.

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