The player who did not report in America and will be removed from the team

America will have even more casualties for the Clausura 2022 tournament. And it is that apart from the players who have started from Nest and they have joined their new clubs, there is another player who does not enter into the club’s plans, so the contract that ended just this December was not renewed, so he no longer even reported to the preseason.

Mario Osuna He will no longer play with the Eagles for the next championship. It should be remembered that El Mono was an emergency signing since Santiago Naveda He had been injured early last season and was out of action for the entire semester, so they needed a player to cover that absence.

During his time at El Nido, the midfielder failed to consolidate himself or present arguments on the field of play to gain his continuity, which is why the board decided not to continue in the team, so he once again became a free player to continue their career where they are interested in their services.

With the departure of Osuna, six casualties were made on the campus, five of them with elements that the previous semester were still with the team as Nicolas Castillo, Nicolas Benedetti, Sebastián Córdova and Renato Ibarra; Ramon Juarez It was another official loss, but he was in Puebla on loan and now he went to Atlético de San Luis.

A further decline is expected in Coapa. Leo Suárez is not taken into account and they do not intend to make him part of the team for the contest, so they await the opportunity to place him in another club. Subject to direct negotiation for anything else, those would be all Americanist casualties.

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