Son of “El Azul”, founder of the Sinaloa Cartel, wants Mexico to return almost 4 million pesos

Jose Juan Esparragoza Jimenez, alias “El Cora”, son of Juan José Esparragoza, “The blue”, One of the founders of Sinaloa Cartel, filed a claim for protection with which he seeks that the Government of Mexico return one million 15 thousand 800 pesos and 131 thousand 344 dollars (about two million 713 thousand 632 pesos at the current exchange rate).

The head of the Sixth District Court of Amparo in criminal matters granted him the definitive suspension against the order of November 7, 2021, through which the judicial authority denied him the return of the insured amounts.

The definitive suspension is for the effect that things are kept in the state they are kept and that the insured cash is not sold, auctioned, extinguished or awarded in favor of third parties or cause favor to the public utility, nor is any act performed that affect.

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The judge refused to order the authorities to make material and legal delivery of the money, since this would imply giving restitutionary effects to the precautionary measure, which is typical of the resolution that in his case is issued in the amparo trial.

After being detained by elements of the Navy in August 2014, in Culiacán, Sinaloa, “El Cora” admitted to a judge that he was the son of “El Azul,” who, he said, is dead.

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Esparragoza Jiménez was arrested along with Joel Vázquez Valdenegro in possession of two bags with 27 and 47 grams of green grass, with the characteristics of the marijuana; a package with 369 grams of white powder, apparently cocaine; a long weapon, a short weapon and 75 useful cartridges, as well as 26 kilos and 50 milligrams of what appears to be methamphetamine, as well as two million 746 thousand pesos.

According to the authorities, “El Cora” coordinated for the Sinaloa Cartel the production and transfer of glass, cocaine and marijuana to the United States with a low profile.

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