PEF. Deputies of Va por México present an appeal of unconstitutionality

Considering that the Federation Expenditure Budget transgresses the principle of progressivity, the coordinators of Goes through Mexico in the Chamber of Deputies Jorge Romero Herrera of the PAN, Ruben Moreira Valdez of the PRI, and Luis Espinosa Cházaro of the PRD, presented a unconstitutionality action before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN).

Parliamentary leaders pointed out that it is the first action of this nature presented by the three parties on progressivity, established in the reform of 2011.

In addition, they stated that the budget as approved violates the principle of progressivity and is regressive, because it cut and did not increase to budget programs that are intended to protect and guarantee the human rights of Mexican men and women.

They added that there are several programs that are intended to protect Mexicans in their rights, and added that these allowed and allow progress in greater and better coverage of education, health, strengthening federalism, and the protection of women. .

They pointed out that the problem is that these rights are being affected by this expenditure budget. To illustrate, they cited the document and mentioned the case of the health sector, where INSABI still does not guarantee coverage and an effective budget for beneficiaries. The same ones that were had with the popular insurance.

Other programs referred to in the document is that of “Free Health Care and Medicines for the Population without Labor Social Security”, with a cut in the field of approximately 10 billion pesos, which, in the words of and the deputies, shows the regressivity of the approved expenditure budget.

In education, the Deputies of Going for Mexico accuse that the recovery of programs destined to support schools in combating educational backwardness was neglected, mainly in the most vulnerable areas of the country.

This, added to the disappearance of the programs of Full-Time Schools, that of Attention to the Diversity of Indigenous Education; among many others.

Regarding programs focused on equality and the protection of women against violence, the approved budget is also regressive. Thus, as indicated by the opposition groups, it is shown by the cuts in the program to promote care and prevention of violence against women, as well as the care for victims, and the one dedicated to childcare centers.

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