Octavio Ocaña’s companions break the silence about what happened

The death from

Octavio Ocana
continues on everyone’s lips for the way he lost his life and the recent statements of the companions of the actor, which could change the course of the case.

The actor’s death was announced on October 29, the official report indicates that the 22-year-old actor died of a bullet impact to the head, presumably caused by himself accidentally, as he was under the influence of alcohol.

However, according to the statements of the attorney for the Ocaña family, Francisco Hernández, the testimonies of his companions they deny that official version of the authorities.

“We are very optimistic about what they declared. His statements are in conflict with the official version, we managed to open up new lines of investigation, “the lawyer commented to Ventaneando.

According to the two companions, Octavio at no time took out any firearm, so he couldn’t accidentally shoot himself.

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Ocaña lawyer questions crime scene

The lawyer questions the crime scene, which could have been altered or “manipulated”, thus achieving that the evidence is compromised.

“There was garrafal faultWhich is precisely that hours passed without the expert services arriving, what does this mean, that for hours the scene was not guarded, let alone the crime scene, the scene was not guarded. Different people participated and manipulated the scene and that could cause us irreparable damage, “said Hernández.

“There is no evidence or any gunpowder trail, neither in their hands, nor in the hands of the companions, “added the Ocaña defender.

If the crime scene where the body of Octavio Ocana was altered, another type of investigation would be carried out that could lead to a new panorama.

“If it is found that someone altered the crime scene for any culpable or malicious purpose, that is why there is also another folder in the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, by the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office. It is no coincidence that the state commission has opened an official investigation, because if there were shots by the police, they were not justified ”, explained the lawyer.

“However, the expert reports are showing precisely what was not altered, what was at the time the body of our beloved Octavio, the weapon of the first respondent, those things were not altered and we are trying to scientifically investigate which is what happened ”, he added.

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