Nintendo Switch would already exceed 100 million and would be the seventh best-selling console in history, according to estimates – Nintenderos

Recently, an interesting new piece of information has been published that is directly related to Nintendo switch. We are talking in this case of an estimated total sales figure.

As we are informed from last week’s estimates from VGChartz, the console would already exceed 100 million units sold worldwide, thus placing the seventh best-selling console in history only behind PS2, Nintendo DS, Game Boy, PS4, PS1 and Wii. Last week it would have sold 1,314,674 more consoles, making a total of 100.72 million units sold worldwide since its launch, these figures being estimated and not officially confirmed by Nintendo.

These are the weekly figures and world totals they have reported:

  • Switch – 1,314,674 (100,716,314)
  • PlayStation 5 – 541,390 (16,675,800)
  • Xbox Series X | S – 459,416 (11,000,918)
  • PlayStation 4 – 25,608 (116,778,052)
  • Xbox One – 12,062 (50,528,070)
  • 3DS – 286 (75,943,137)

What do you think? You can share it in the comments. We will be attentive in case any more figures are reported.


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