Nintendo president shares supply issues surrounding Switch – Nintenderos

An exciting new set of details has recently been released that comes straight from Nintendo. We are talking in this case about some statements offered by the president of the company, Shuntaro Furukawa.

In this case, he has shared that they anticipate that the supply of Nintendo Switch will continue to suffer problems after the beginning of 2022 due to the “global shortage of semiconductors and the turmoil in logistics.” States that this Christmas season is being favorable for the company and that the logistics this time has not wreaked havoc, although it acknowledges that they have carried out actions such as transporting supply of the console by plane to the United States to arrive in time for Black Friday, or rail transport in Europe for the same reason.

«We cannot say that we were able to supply enough to meet the demand after Black Friday, “added the president. We will have to be attentive to see how the situation and the stock evolve.

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