New Year’s Eve concert postponed in Mexico City

The Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, confirmed that postponed the New Years concert that the December 31st at 18:00 in the La Palma roundabout.

The capital president explained that it is not about an alarm signal rather, it is a matter of precaution in the face of the increase in cases.

“It is a matter of precaution when seeing that there is an increase in cases, but it is not an alarm, but a measure to avoid a greater number of infections. It is a celebration that took place in 2019, we wanted it to be held every December 31 as something that would remain in the City but we must respect health measures ”, he explained.

He indicated that this action will make it possible to convey to the population the need to be cautious in these times and do not lower your guard to avoid the transmission of the virus.

“This does not mean closing any economic activity, we only want to inform the population so that we are all aware of this increase in infections,” he said.

He noted that, fortunately, in the Mexico City Most of the people are already vaccinated, 52 percent of older adults already have the third dose of the vaccine and the application of the dose will follow the next few weeks.

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