La Jornada – Biden Warns Risk of Hospital “Overflow” in the US by Ómicron

Washington. President Joe Biden said that some hospitals in the United States may “overflow” with new cases of Covid-19, but said that in general the country is well prepared to face this new wave and that the population should not panic.

In a virtual White House meeting with various governors and health advisers on Monday, Biden stressed that the rapid spread of the omicron variant will not have the same impact as the initial emergence of the pandemic in 2020 or the appearance of the eastern delta variant. anus.

“Ómicron is a source of concern, but it should not be a source of panic,” he said.

Testing is much more readily available, and mass vaccination means that many people who become infected will not develop serious illnesses.

“Because there have been so many vaccinations and reinforcements, we are not seeing hospitalizations increase as much as they did previously,” he said. “Americans, America has made progress. Things are better,” he said.

But, he added, “as cases increase, we still have tens of millions of unvaccinated people and we are seeing hospitalizations increasing.” There are “hospitals in some places that are going to overflow both in terms of equipment and personnel.”

And he also recognized that despite increases in testing capacity, it is still not enough.

“Seeing how difficult it was for some people to access a test this weekend shows that we have pending work,” he confessed.

In addition to increasing free testing sites, the government is working to make more home tests available, according to Biden.

As part of that effort, the government is purchasing 500 million home tests to distribute to the population.

The United States has been the country most affected in absolute terms by the covid, with 816,000 deaths and 52 million registered cases.

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