Jacqueline Andere hates this type of actress

The leading actress Jacqueline Andere He attacked the influencers who are hired in soap operas solely for their fame on social networks and for their followers.

According to the star, these people gain fame through the internet and are later seen in various audiovisual projects, which takes away the work of those who have prepared for years.

He stressed that his career began several years ago as an extra, which is why he described it as unfair that fame is a factor that is taken into account by directors or producers.

“We started from the bottom, I started as an extra, and later they gave me a piece of paper, with a line, of course, otherwise it would continue as an extra.”

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The actress asked for more rigorous selections

For this reason he asked the TV stations that they do not seek to complete their cast with people who have not had experience in television or in the theater.

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On the way of interpreting, the first actress assured that many of the girls who jump from social networks to the small screen usually have very loud voices.

“It is a two-edged sword, it has very good things, and it has very bad things, children no longer think because everything is being given to them through that,” he concluded.

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