Hearing of José Manuel del Río Virgen concludes after 16 hours

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The initial audience of José Manuel del Río Virgen, technical secretary of the Senate Political Coordination Board (Jucopo), in the oral trial rooms of Pacho Viejo, Coatepec, concluded after 16 hours.

At 1:20 p.m. the extended constitutional term expires for the judge in the case, Francisco Reyes Contreras, to rule on said hearing and determine the legal situation of the politician imprisoned as the alleged mastermind of the crime of the mayoral candidate of Cazones de Herrera, René Tovar, assassinated last June 4.

The defense presented four witnesses, which prolonged the conclusion of the initial hearing until the morning of this Tuesday.

Accused of being a mastermind

As will be recalled, José Manuel del Río Virgen was arrested on the morning of December 22, when he was returning with his family from Oaxaca.

The Attorney General of Veracruz accuses him of being the intellectual author of the crime of the former candidate for mayor of Cazones de Herrera by Citizen Movement, René Tovar Tovar, assassinated on June 4, 30 hours before the elections.

The Technical Secretary of the Jucopo of the Upper House has been considered a political prisoner of the government of Cuitláhuac García Jiménez.


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