Five young people are injured in Nogales, Sonora

Sonora.- Five young including two minors they died in a tragic accident when they were having Christmas fun aboard a four-door, late-model, sedan-style Saturn vehicle. Nogales, Sonora.

The five dead They were identified as Irving Eduardo and Cristian C., both minors, as well as Brayan C., Francisco M, and Kevin M, 21, 18 and 19 years old, respectively.

According to the first reports, the five young were circulating aboard the vehicle and collided with the base of a bridge south of the Nogales.

The tragedy It happened on Christmas night around 11:00 p.m., when the driver was speeding from South to North, when he lost control and it ended up hitting the concrete base of an elevated bridge.

Through social networks a video circulates where according to users, one of the youngsters who died shared it via his status from a social networking app.

In the video it is shown as in a gas station where laughter and good humor wished them Merry Christmas and had a very happy time while filling their car with gasoline.

According to netizens, the video was captured moments before the fatal accident.

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