English child prefers Raúl Jiménez shirt over video game console

Of the gifts Dylan Finney received, the shirt with Raúl Jiménez’s ‘9’ was his favorite, over a video game console

Dylan finney, a nine-year-old English boy, went viral last Christmas for bringing his emotion to tears when he saw among his gifts a Wolverhampton shirt with Raúl Jiménez’s ‘9’. The infant even received a video game console as a gift, but did not react in the same way as with the shirt of his idol, the ‘Mexican Wolf’, an article that captured all his attention.

Dean Finney, Dylan’s father, who is also a Wolves follower, was in charge of uploading said video to his social networks, without imagining the impact that his son’s reaction would generate, who admires Raúl Jiménez since he scored his first goal with the English team, which arrived on August 11, 2018 against Everton.

“He received many gifts for Christmas, he was very lucky, but not even an Xbox could distract attention from his precious Raúl T-shirt!” Dean said in an interview for ESPN Digital.

The video reached the eyes of Raúl Jiménez, who limited himself to replying to the publication with a message. “Merry Christmas!” Replied the attacker.

There are already three Wolverhampton jerseys that Dylan has of the Mexican striker, even the nine-year-old boy also works as a gunner and his admiration for the America youth squad has made him nicknamed “Dylanez.”

“Raúl, throughout his career with the Wolves and since his injury, has shown Dylan that hard work, determination and passion is what makes you succeed. That’s why Raúl is his soccer idol! ”.

Dean revealed that Dylan, like the entire Wolverhampton fans, suffered from a skull fracture that left Raúl Jiménez unable to play for several months. However, he remembers with great joy that when the Mexican returned to the courts, his son had a reaction similar to the one he showed when he saw the Wolves ‘9’ shirt.

“He was devastated for days when Raúl got injured against Arsenal because he thought he would never see his idol play football again. Like a huge soccer fan, without a doubt a lifelong Wolves fan, it’s amazing to see a player have such a huge impact on his son. “

Despite the fact that it is difficult for the Finney family to follow Raúl Jiménez’s matches with the Mexican national team, Dylan constantly asks his father about the results of El Tri and if his idol scored, whom they hope to support in the World Cup of Qatar 2022.

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