Engineer discovers images hidden in microchips with a microscope | News from Mexico

Instagram user EvilmonkeyzDesignz publishes photos and videos in whiche shows the hidden images it has found on different chips.

Some of the discoveries of this engineer include the profile of the film director Alfred Hitchcock and the hedgehog Sonic, indicates RT.

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Among other figures, whose number is already close to 30, there is a space shuttle and a hand of cards.

On his website, the user is called Kenton and he points out that he is an American from the city of Madison, Wisconsin, who graduated in computer engineering in 2014.

“EvilmonkeyzDesignz was something I started on Instagram as a way to show other people the electronics I work on in my spare time, and little by little it has become something more. I really enjoy looking at things closely with the microscope to find out what secrets they hide, things that most would never see, “says Kenton, who states that he does not have any special equipment apart from the microscope and that he takes the pictures with his smartphone.

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