Christian Nodal, Dinastía Fernández and more: Mhoni Vidente reveals his predictions for 2022

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The tarot reader’s predictions rarely fail, as she has already predicted illnesses, love breaks and even celebrity deaths. Recently Mhoni Vidente revealed what this new year 2022 holds for Christian Nodal, the Fernández family and other celebrities.

Last July the seer predicted in one of her famous tarot sessions that Vicente Fernández would become seriously ill to death. He had also mentioned that the letter from death was hanging around in the world of reggaeton and time later Flow La Movie suffered an accident in which he and his family died.

2022 predictions for celebrities

Mhoni Vidente began by talking about the world of entertainment in general, drawing a letter that would reveal that many celebrities are going to reach the top as they have never imagined, but that fame will definitely come with consequences.

Belinda and Christian Nodal

“Nodeli” is one of the most popular couples of the moment. With a wedding on the doorstep, many dollars spent and big plans for the future, Belinda and Christian Nodal have not stopped giving what to talk about.

Christian Nodal is going to have to take care of himself more than ever. It is going to be a risky year in every way. The death letter will be constantly whipping him behind him, with many legal problems, with many problems with Belinda, with many problems in matters of attack.”.

According to the predictions of the seer, Nodal would be reaching the peak of success, but paying a very high price and advised to protect himself and say yes to everything spiritual to remove all negative energy.


For the former RBD, Mhoni Vidente assured that she will have family problems and with her husband, which could lead the couple to a separation soon.

She feels overwhelmed, completely cornered and wants to go back to being what she was, an artist completely loved by all her people, but her husband does not let her be.”.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

For the new (not so new) couple, the seer saw positive and stable things: “Now they are going to get married, now they are going to be talking about getting together and being completely happy, after Ben Affleck suffered a lot in a relationship with Jennifer Garner”.

Fernandez family

According to Mhoni’s revelations, the death letter continues behind the Fernández dynasty, warning Cuquita and Vicente Fernández Jr that they have to be very careful, as the tragedy still haunts their family.

You will see a lot of pregnancies, but also deaths. Alejandro Fernández will have to take care of the tell-tales, the gossip and the legal issues behind them”.

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