Angélica Rivera’s daughter, Regina Castro, is seen from Miami and thus boasts her luxurious life: PHOTOS

Regina castro, the 16-year-old daughter of the former first lady Angelica Rivera and the television producer José Alberto the “Güero” Castro shared in his account Instagram some photographs where you can see him in the company of his father Y mother in Miami, U.S.

In the first of her images, the pretty teenage girl is seen posing with dark glasses while sitting at a table full of drinks, and next to her is “Güero” Castro with another woman holding her drink also wearing dark glasses.

Regina Castro with her dad. Photo: IG

In the second photograph, the attractive young woman in a peach-colored shirt is now seen hugging her mother from behind her neck. Angélica Rivera wears a black shirt, dark glasses and wears a black cap while holding her daughter’s hand with her right hand. They are both sitting in a cafeteria while also having drinks on their table.

Angelica Rivera wears a black shirt. Photo: IG

One more image was shared by Regina Castro where it is seen that they have already finished drinking their cocktails in two glasses and one more remains full, on the table you can see glasses and a cell phone that were left in the place.

Regina Castro had a good time with her parents. Photo: IG

The daughter of Angélica Rivera also known as the “Seagull” for her role in the telenovela “Distilling Love” in 2007 and by “Güero” Castro, he also uploaded a short clip where he records the moment when a dessert is prepared for him at his table, which you can see by clicking here.

Regina enjoyed her stay in Miami. Photo: IG

Finally, Regina Castro shared one more photograph of her where half of her face is now seen, while José Alberto Castro poses smiling to dismiss the postcards that her 16-year-old daughter published on her networks to the approval of her followers who did not They were slow to respond and praise Angelica Rivera’s daughter with encouraging phrases such as:

  • “The Temple the Family. The Fortitude of a whole Lady. The Temple of an entire Knight, the Union of each one of the Earth Angels. I like it”.
  • “Your mother is so beautiful, always a total fan !!”.
  • “Send my regards to the beautiful Angie, for me she is the best actress that has ever existed in the world ….”
  • “Beautiful !!!! Greetings to Angelica, always beautiful ”.
Regina and José Alberto Castro. Photo: IG

A few months ago, Regina Castro surprised her followers with her radical change of look, which has established herself as a true celebrity in the social media industry due to the various publications she makes. Currently, his Instagram account has more than 61 thousand followers of which she is emerging as a new influencer.


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